Reiki Therapist Madrid

My name is Susana García, a Certified Reiki Master and I also offer Reiki sessions in English.

A Reiki session is a very relaxing, non invasive and wonderful experience. A full session takes about an hour, during which time, you lie down on a Reiki table. During the treatment I follow a sequence of Reiki hand positions. I place my hands gently over certain parts of the body; starting at the head and working around the body. The receiver lays on the Reiki table fully clothed. A professional treatment can encourage balance, prevent illness, and strengthen your wellbeing.

Rates Reiki session Madrid: 40€ (cash)

To book a Reiki session in Madrid or online:

Call +34 626615538 (also Whatsapp) bewteen the hours of 10am and 8pm weekdays to schedule your appointment with Susana García (Reiki Master with 15 years experience);  or e-mail me at  


A professional treatment can encourage balance,
prevent illness, and strengthen your wellbeing.